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Our Boards

As the organisation is made up of separate legal entities there are two separate Boards and committees. However, the Boards and committees meet in common where appropriate to discuss matters which can be considered jointly. Some committees still need to meet separately to respect our separate statutory responsibilities.

Our Boards meet in common approximately every other month. They have a meeting in public and a meeting in private on these occasions. The NHS England and the NHS Improvement Boards meet separately each quarter to discuss business which must be considered by NHS England or NHS Improvement in isolation.

Dido became Chair of NHS Improvement on 30 October 2017, and as of August 2020 has taken up the post of Interim Chair of National Institute of Health Protection, which includes the Test, Track and Trace programme.

Baroness Dido Harding
NHS Improvement

Lord Prior was educated at Cambridge University and subsequently qualified as a barrister. He trained in finance at Lehman Leman Brothers and Lazard Freres in New York before holding a number of senior positions within the industrial sector, including British Steel, where he was Commercial Director. He was elected MP for North Norfolk in 1997.   

Lord David Prior
NHS England

Further details on our boards and committees can be found here.