Executive Recruitment

Our Committees

The People Remuneration Committee meets to ensure that the organisations have:

  • a single formal and transparent remuneration policy;
  • policies and practices to ensure that their people are properly recruited, engaged and motivated, diverse, performing and developed;
  • agree remuneration packages of individual joint Executive Directors and other employees in accordance with relevant legislation and government pay frameworks.

The Strategy Committee meets to discuss key future development areas and/ or topics.

To respect our statutory responsibilities, we operate separate Audit and Risk Assurance Committees (ARAC) and some separate statutory committees.

Executive decision making:

The NHS Executive Group currently meets approximately every two weeks. The model for executive decision making below the NHS Executive Group involves a combination of individual and collective decision making.

The revised Schemes of Delegation set out the delegation of NHS Improvement and NHS England’s respective functions, reflected in the board and executive governance framework where appropriate, and enable corporate and regional directors to take any decisions required.