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Accelerated Access Collaborative

About us

Our ambition is to help make the UK one of the most pro-innovation health systems in the world.

We will do this by bringing decision-makers from across the health service together with innovators from industry to accelerate impactful and cost-effective products in a way that hasn’t happened before.

  • For patients: this means access to new technologies and treatments faster than ever.
  • For clinicians: you will have access to cutting-edge innovations that will help you deliver excellent care.
  • For industry: we will help you understand the needs of patients and clinicians, and champion great solutions.
  • For investors: innovations that meet NHS needs will receive greater support, from proof of concept to national commissioning.

‘Our goal is simple: speeding up access to the best technologies and products – leading to better care for patients. We are excited by this challenge and are proud to have such a prestigious and wide-ranging number of member organisations working with us.’  Lord Darzi, Chair of the ACC

A new unit has been set up in NHS England and NHS Improvement to support the AAC’s work to provide a more joined up approach, at all stages, to ensure the best, new innovations reach patients faster. This work includes horizon scanning for upcoming, cutting edge innovations that meet the needs of patients and the NHS, to providing support for providers to enable faster adoption and spread of already proven new treatments and diagnostic tools.

We’re bringing together industry, government, regulators, patients and the NHS to remove barriers and accelerate the introduction of ground-breaking innovations which can transform care A single umbrella body across the UK health innovation ecosystem to improve adoption of medicines, diagnostics, devices, digital products, pathway changes and new workforce models.

The AAC exists for two reasons:

  • We want to get more proven innovations into the hands of clinicians and patients, faster.
  • We want to make the NHS a great place to innovate, so that we can accelerate the development of valuable innovations for our citizens.

We are committed to doing this hand-in-hand with patients and the public, because we know that doing so will keep us on the right track.

The six ways the AAC will make a difference

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